9Apps Alternatives

9Apps For PC: Download & Install 9Apps On Windows Computer PC

The 9Apps app is one of the most recognized and highly guaranteed third-party security providers that exist in the market today. It is a very important app when you are accessing it from the PC. This app runs smoothly both on your Android devices and on Windows PC. This app is not available on the Google Play Store. But that is not a reason to worry. You can easily download the apk file from various websites that are available out there.

The 9Apps app is actually an App Store where you will find lots and lots of apps and games that anomaly found in the Google Play Store is well, but you pay there in order to download these apps. You can download unlimited games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, themes etc from the 9Apps app store. The best part is, you don’t have to pay anything to download these amazing apps.

Download 9Apps For Windows PC: 9Apps For PC 2019


The 9apps app store constantly keeps updating all the apps that you have downloaded from the store. Its downloading speed is also quite fast. So you can download any apps of any size from the 9Apps app store. Another great thing about this app is that it is quite small in size and does not slow down your PC or hang it while you are accessing this app. You can download this app on laptops or PCs having windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. All you have to do is to publish an Emulator on your Windows laptop or PC and then click on the ‘Menu’ section to keep a tab of all the apps on your system. You can download the 9Apps apk file on your laptop or PC in order to let it work on your system. But before that, let us first understand a few details and some features of the app.

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9Apps For PC App Features

In recent times, this app has gone on to become the most popular and most downloaded Android app. Wonder what makes it so famous? It’s amazing features, of course! Let us have a look at its features:

  • This amazing app is only for people in India and Indonesia.
  • This is a third party app store which contains large numbers of games and apps.
  • The 9Apps app is being called as the best substitute for the Google Play Store that is inbuilt in all Android devices.
  • This app has unlimited wallpapers and ringtones.
  • This app is the best entertainment zone for your phones and PC. it can be downloaded and accessed from your Windows PC or laptops as well.
  • All the apps and games available on this 9Apps store are of high quality.
  • 9Apps tracks your activity and searches on the app and provides you app recommendations based on that. It uses a very smart technology so as to magnify user satisfaction.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface. Even novice users can navigate through this app easily, thanks to its easy design.
  • The download speed that 9Apps provides for downloading apps on your phone is quite high. So your PC won’t slow down or lag down when you are downloading new apps to the system.
  • The 9Apps app for PC gets regular updates for every app that you have installed. What’s more is that due to the regular updates, you will never miss out on any new games or apps that are trendy and fun.
  • The library section of the 9Apps app has an unlimited number of songs, of every type and from every time period. So, you never have to get bored and you can always have a playlist ready while you are working on your PC or laptop.
  • This app lets you have unlimited downloads at high speed for no cost.
  • If you are downloading videos from the 9Apps app store, you will have plenty of download options, like download in HD and much more.
  • It lets you select your download type. So, when you are downloading something, you can select the file type based on your internet speed and availability.

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Download 9Apps App on your PC

  • First, download the Bluestacks for Windows PC. you can download it from the official Bluestacks website.
  • After downloading Bluestacks, install and launch it on your PC.
  • Next, open Bluestacks and search for the 9Apps app.
  • From there, download and install the 9Apps app on your system.

OR, there is another way to download this app.

  • Download the Nox App Player Emulator on your PC.
  • Connect your Google account to the Nox App Player.
  • Go to the main page and search the 9Apps app.
  • Download and install the app on your system.

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Final Word

9Apps works effortlessly on both Android and Windows devices. That makes it a must-have app on your system. Download it today.

9Apps For BlackBerry

9Apps For iOS: Download & Install 9Apps On apple iPhone & iPad

Well! These days digitalization is that successful that we can travel anywhere via handy gadgets over to gather any information. People today have a wide choice to choose over their smart device, either from Android Vs iOS. If we talk about iOS interfaced, we all know it iPhone.

Like Android smartphones have Playstore, App store to download other available apps, iPhone is crafted with iTunes App Store. iTunes App Store gives iOS users a permit premium way to install any of the application. But 9Apps app store is an excellent solution to resolve the issue of paying premium apps over iTunes or other Applications store. 9Apps app stores allow users to download all premium application with no such premium purchasing. These days with such easy and free cost allowance by 9Apps app store making it more popular globally.

9Apps For BlackBerry
9Apps For BlackBerry

However, 9Apps app store is an application distribution company that comes under Alibaba group. This particular app is creativity generated in the year 1999 under a Chinese firm which now one of the leading mobile company worldwide. The creation of 9Apps app store users can enjoy global brand application on their smart gadgets with no costing. This simple readability app helps iOS operators to use multiple platformed content like games, movies, photos apart from app downloading. Users can easily download this app in APK format from 9Apps app store official website. This is available for both supported platforms iOS and Android as well.

If we talk about from where to download this app then, in particular, there is no such app yet permits the direct download of 9Apps from any of the app store. However, it can be installed directly from the official website. With few easy guidelines, users can download 9Apps app store and get it fixed in their iOS devices.

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9Apps Features for iOS Devices

This application is prime key to download a lot of other applications over the device. This is an excellent alternative to Play store, iTunes, and other app stores. What else this 9App apps store provides let’s check it out.

  • It holds much other entertaining content which can be efficiently operational and accessible by the iOS gadget.
  • It also holds a list of games and other top-rated application which are useful by the user device (iOS), which ensure quicker search and easy downloading of the required application.
  • It gives users a free choice and wide range to choose the right app of interest to get in install by them.
  • It also helps iOS users to get high definition wallpapers, videos, ringtones , emo stickers, music and other exciting content.
  • 9App app store also provides users a smooth downloading and installing with no delay and lag errors that can encrypt the downloading.
  • Installation of the 9App app store in the iOS device will randomly update which ensure no miss of latest applications with updated version over the gadget.
  • It ensures downloading with no limitations in free.
  • 9App app store is more convenient, secure and pocky friendly app stores for the users with no boundations and constraints.
  • Apart from iOS 9App app store is also generated for other interfaced devices like Android, Blackberry, Tizen, and Windows, etc.

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If we talk about iOS 9App app store in particular then it is the handy application for iPad, iPod apart from iPhone. This fantastic master creation in-app coding is now listed as one of the largest third-party apps which is suitable and easily accessible both interfaced (iOS and Android) gadgets. By using this app in the device, users can crack up the purchase-in applications with a license verification code.

9Apps Alternatives

Best 9Apps Alternatives For Android You Shouldn’t Miss

9Apps can probably be regarded as one of the best market apps for third-party downloads. However, there are many other 9apps alternatives that are available in the android market worth trying. If you are seeking a right alternative to 9Apps, then our curated list will surely help you.

9Apps Alternatives
9Apps Alternatives
  1. Blackmart App market: Also known as Blackmart Alpha, this is the most promising alternative to 9Apps. You can completely download all the available apps here fore free. It is quite a good alternative to Google Play because all the premium apps of Google Play can be downloaded here for free.
  2. F-droid: this app market is also like the Blackmart. In this platform too, you can download many apps for entirely free of cost. You can also download a score of apps that are not available in the Google Play Store. F-droid has a dedicated search option that will help you to figure out the right app that you are searching for and will also allow you to instantly download the same. The app has quite a simple interface that is laced with multiple features. Above all these, the app is completely free and there are no hidden charges involved.
  3. Google Play store: This is the app that every android user is familiar with. Play store is pre-installed on every android phone that is available in the market. Neat categorization along with rows of many apps under different categories make it as everyone’s favourite. Apart from these, the installations are free from hassles, making it as the crowd favourite once again.
  4. Mobile market: This app has gained immense popularity since the past few months. This app is entirely free to have it in your android device. It is very light, occupies only a small amount of space and also provides much options for its users.
  5. AndroidPIT: AndroidPIT is an independent app, available in the open source market. It allows you to download tons of apps without any cost. Provision of android issues, latest updates, auto-updating and other latest news along with an inbuilt search bar makes this app very pleasing to use. This app is compatible with all the android versions (including the JellyBean version) and can run effectively on any android phone.
  6. APK Pure: It is a totally free APK file downloader for both the Android phones and tablets. You can try downloading any APK file from all the Android markets even without your Google Play account.
  7. Amazon App store: Amazon app store was considered as the first real alternative to 9Apps. The wide collection of apps that this store has is truly awe-inspiring. The user interface is also extremely simple and it will take only a few minutes for anyone to understand the working of this app. Also, amazon app store offers one paid app for completely free every day.
  8. GetJar: GetJar is probably the oldest app store that have ever existed. Since its inception, GetJar had witnessed a steady growth in its users. The interface is compatible with Symbian devices mostly, but, it is very simple to use. The innumerable apps are not crammed under the same section. Rather, every app is classified under many sections so that a user can go through apps belonging to various sections and then choose the most convenient one. There are also many subcategories so that a user will never get confused about the section they are perusing through. The simple installation process is also guided to avoid chaos.

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So, these are some of the best alternatives to 9Apps we have compiled for you. Just go through the lists and find out the app market that works the best for you.

9Apps For BlackBerry

9Apps For BlackBerry – Download & Install the 9Apps (Latest Version)

Many users consider 9Apps to be the best alternative of other apps. They even call it the coolest app. Many users love it because it is available for free. Also, it can be used easily. This is what makes it user-friendly. Many users say that this app is user-driven and user-oriented. This is the reason it is very popular among game lovers.

It can also be called the most abstract app. It can be downloaded easily. It even offers a chance to install other apps. It keeps on updating users about it. Many users say that they love to download many things simultaneously. It is possible only in 9Apps.  This is what the existing users say about 9Apps. 9Apps literally gives staggering experience to its users.

9Apps are getting used every now and then. What makes 9Apps different?  How can a user Install 9Apps for Blackberry Mobile? Given below are some steps which can be followed to install 9Apps.

  • Visit the official site of 9Apps. Get the 9Apps by clicking on ‘download’.
  • Keep on performing this step until downloading happens successfully.
  • After succeeding in downloading the app, the user can install it.
  • But it is worth mentioning that some temporary changes have to be made. If necessary changes are not made, then it may be problematic later.
  • After successfully installing and downloading, continue further.
  • Go to ‘Settings’. A person has to click on the Unknown sources.
  • Then to process the app, one has to click on install option again.
  • Accept the rules and norms mentioned. Don’t forget to study them properly. All in all, it is a matter of your safety and privacy.
  • After continuing this successfully, one will be able to use 9app.

Some of the useful traits of 9Apps Blackberry

9Apps For BlackBerry
9Apps For BlackBerry

It is very important for the user to have knowledge about the various features… Some special functions are mentioned below for the convenience of users.

  • It does not require many steps to be downloaded.
  • It gets easily installed.
  • The existing get premium paid applications for free.
  • The user gets astonished by its downloading speed.
  • The existing users also get to know about various other apps.
  • It is also known as One-stop App shop. You can get everything in one place.
  • It is known to fulfill all the basic needs of the mobile phone.
  • It also ensures proper safety and security of the user.
  • It brilliantly works on every smartphone. One need not purchase or amend the smartphone version. Just temporary changes are to be made.
  • It is confined by languages. The user can select any language of his choice.
  • It offers 10000+ applications for every category. It is obvious that the user gets what he wants.
  • It has many things to offer. But still, it never takes much space.

These are the special features provided by the 9Apps. The existing users get access to it.  Some information about 9Apps everyone should know.

App Name    9Apps


File size    2.7MB

Developer    9Apps.com

Downloads    10,00,00,000

What are the reasons for its popularity?

The user can download an app with the help of 9App.  This is what makes 9App very popular. It is not confined to India only. It is loved by many people all over the world. It has users in many other countries. It was created with the aim of helping the corporate world. Those individuals who have a lot of work on the internet get its aid.

Some FAQs related to 9Apps

Can Blackberry users download 9Apps?

Yes, it is possible to get 9Apps for Blackberry.

Do 9Apps offer special features?

Many apps offer only general features to their users. /but still, they are popular and constantly used. 9Apps, on the other hand, offers special features to their users.

Why 9Apps offer special features?

It is because 9Apps worry about their user. They focus more on customer satisfaction.

Do users give a review about 9App?

Yes exactly. Users actually love to give feedback for 9Apps. They really love this app.

Is 9Apps popular in India?

Yes, 9Apps is very popular among Indians. In fact, they keep on recommending this pp to others.

Is 9Apps limited to Indians only?

No, this app has many users. Millions of persons use this app across the universe. That’s why 9Apps are successful and powerful.